Amber Polysulfone PSU PPSU Sheet

PSU is an amorphous, high performance polymer that not only has high mechanical properties.PSU (Polysulfone) is a thermoplastic that is rigid, high-strength and transparent over a wide range of temperatures, usually between -100 to +200 °C. Polysulfone has one of the highest service temperatures among all melt-processable thermoplastics and has a distinct translucent amber well as high dimensional stability and creep strength. The unique torsional strength of its thermoplastics makes it an inexpensive alternative to small steel cutting parts. PSU Performance 1. High continuous service temperature  2. Very good electrical insulation properties  3. High rigidity and stiffness  4. Extremely high impact strength  5. Outstanding biocompacibility  6. Excellent chemical compatibility  7. Excellent dimensional stability  8.Good hydrolysis resistance  Features: Extremely high strength, high stiff…


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