Coix Seed Gluten Free

Barley rice, also known as barley, contains very high nutritional value and is also a very good medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. All parts of the body can be used as medicine. And the main role is to prevent cancer and anti-cancer, but also to diuresis and swelling, strengthen the spleen and stomach to promote swelling. It is a very friendly food for obese people. The nutritional value of barley seed is very high. It is a good beauty ingredient. It has some beauty and beauty effects such as lightening and whitening beans, moisturizing and wrinkling, especially it contains protein decomposition enzymes, which can soften the skin cutin, so Women often eat some barley, which is very good for the body. Usually, they should also pay attention to preventing cold and keep warm, avoid catching cold, do not eat some spicy and stimulating food, eat more green and fresh fruits and vegetables, and supplement the vitamins and minerals needed by the body.  Jilin Youmi Agric…


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