Hollow Shaft Conductive Slip Ring Standard Slip Ring

Hollow Shaft Conductive Slip Ring Standard Slip Ring Slip rings are provided in certain applications where due to size constraints, full enclosure is not required, we can solve your problem with 360° rotating connections. It is suitable for all kinds of small and precise instruments or super-large rotating shaft applications, and we can customize slip rings of various sizes according to your specific needs. Oubaibo is a leading slip ring manufacturer. Our high-performance products are designed for high-end equipment. We produce a variety of motor and slip ring components, including micro capsule slip rings, through-hole slip rings, conductive slip rings, waterproof slip rings, etc. Our high-performance products enable us to solve all slip ring and motor applications.  Oubaibo has been committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality slip rings for many years. We are a well-known professional manufacturer of slip rings, such as through bore…


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