Professional BBQ bbq charcoal with high quality

Charcoal Terrace Bbq Grill 1: life, barbecue, hot pot and other optimal fuel. 2: industrial field, the use of charcoal unique microporous structure and super adsorption capacity. Used for food, medicine, alcohol, oil, precious metal recovery, etc., adsorption, gel removal, odor removal, etc. 3: environmental protection, used for gas purification, sewage treatment, etc. 4: agricultural field, can improve the soil temperature, promote seed germination; Soil can be improved to avoid the "continuous tillage barrier"; It can retain soil moisture and be used as a sustained-release agent for pesticides and fertilizers. It can also change the soil ph, increase the content of carbon dioxide in the soil, absorb harmful toxins in the soil, and improve the vitality of microorganisms in the soil. 5: animal husbandry field, charcoal has the function of adsorption odor, with it pad barns, can deodorize, improve the growth environment of livestock and poultry, promote the growth of zhongshan…


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