Red Bean Rice

Red beans  1. Can stimulate the gut Therefore, it has a good diuretic effect, can detoxify, detoxify, and is beneficial to heart disease and kidney disease, edema; 2. Removing edema, invigorating qi, removing beriberi, strengthening the spleen For example, eating red beans and carp in soup has a therapeutic effect on edema, athlete's foot, difficulty urinating, etc., and can also treat liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, and complement deficiency; the soup after red beans and wax gourd are boiled together. It is a good food for systemic edema; red beans Cooked with lentils and barley to treat diarrhea. In addition, red bean can also be used with traditional Chinese medicine, such as red bean with forsythia and angelica decoction, can treat liver abscess; red bean with dandelion, licorice decoction, can treat intestinal pain and so on. 3. Reduce swelling and lighten the body It is suitable for people with various types of edema, including renal edema, cardiac edema, liver cirrhos…


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