Stator core with vent duct for motors

The stator cores and rotor cores of the motor are punched by a single-slot punching process, the single-slot punching process of motor is a repeated punching process.  Mold design and manufacture are relatively simple, suitable for small batches and multi-variety production, and have the characteristics of low cost and fast modification. STATOR CORE In order to manufacture high-quality iron cores, we have qualified laminations, excellent lamination stacking technique and strict process control, we stack the laminations together according to the requirements of the drawings. During the process of welding, the protection of the stator is indispensable. it will affect the winding process if molten steel during welding splashes into the stator slot, so the protection of the stator core is very important. STATOR CORE STACKING During the stacking process, use the slot alignment bar to make all the componen…


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