Foshan Plastics Group Co., Ltd (FSPG), as the leader in China Plastics manufacturing industry, is a high-tech enterprise group which mainly produces 3 types of plastic films & sheets, artificial leather, and plastic woven fabric laminates. Over decades, Foshan Plastics Group has been providing new types of materials for the modern manufacturing industry, agricultural industry and other fields in modem science, transportation & communication. For years its products proudly and other fields leading positions in China to include BOPP film, BOPET film, CPP film, BOPA film, PVC compression-cast film, PVC leather as well as the various plastic sheets and wide-width plastic woven laminates in terms of both volume and market shares. It is the only BOPA manufacture base in China. And the ralevant manufacturing equipment and operational processes can well match the advanced level. The Group Company has four branch companies, and more than ten Sion-Foreign joint ventures and cooperativ…

PE-XC Pipe Woven Fabric PE Breathable Film BOPP Capacitor Film BOPP Cigarette Film PVC Film BOPA Film

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