Changzhou Sherry International Trading Co., Ltd.

Since 2006 Changzhou Sherry Motors Co., Ltd. has been providing to overseas markets high quality AC motors, brushed and brushless DC motors, Hybrid and PM stepper motors, DC and AC linear actuators and etc. Since the establishment date, our company has developed, designed and manufactured the motor products for EcoTech Marine, Autotherm Energy Systems and Parker in USA as wells as for Hecare in Denmark and Hormel in Finland. Our technical staff can assist customers with development and design of motion control products to meet end use requirements and all development works is kept strictly confidential. Our motors have been widely applied to: semiconductor processing wheelchairs, robotics, packaging, medical equipment, light industrial and automotive and etc.

AC Linear Actuator DC Linear Actuator Shaded Pole AC Motor Single Phase AC Motor Geared Stepper Motor Linear Stepper Motor PM Stepper Motor Hybrid Stepper Motor DC Gear Motor Brushed DC Motor Brushless DC Motor

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