Virgin Wood Pulp Commercial Hand Paper Towel

Paper towels are disposable hygiene products in life. They are mainly used in hotels, hotels, office buildings, airports, opera houses, clubs and other public places to wipe hands. Because the paper towels are used without waiting, one piece of paper can be used to dry one hand. There is no dust on the hands after use, it is soft and comfortable. Advantages of hand paper towel: With a paper towel to wipe, clean doesn't drop crumbs, water imbibition is strong, wet water is not easy to break. No harmful substances such as fluorescent agent / talc powder are added, which has the advantages of allergy and zero irritation. Our service: Support customized layers, sheet size, company logo, material. We also supports purchase large in stock. Support various payment methods and be able to deliver quickly. Please contact us for a quote. Our main products are toilet paper, plastic wrap, clapboard, paper corner protector, paper towels. There are various types of p…


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