Yellow Ladies Bottoming Knit Sweater

Sweater originally refers to a knitted sweater made of wool, which is also the meaning recognized by ordinary people. In fact, "wool sweater" has now become a synonym for a class of products, that is, it is used to refer to "knitted sweater" or "knitted sweater". "Wool Knitwear". Wool knitwear refers to the fabrics that are mainly made of wool, cashmere, rabbit hair and other animal hair fibers as the main raw materials spun into yarns, such as rabbit sweaters, Shenlan sweaters, wool sweaters, acrylic sweaters, etc. It is a big family of "cardigans". Soft, finely knitted fabric, windproof and warm. And the styles of sweaters are various, slim, loose, short, long, solid color, contrasting color, all kinds of careful design really love it.


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